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Musicals Boxset 10 CDS

West End Orchestra & Singers and The Broadway Cover Cast Songs from We will rock you, ABBA,Lion King,Saturday Night Fever and more

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  • Format: CD
  • Number of Discs: 10

Songs From some of the  great Musicals


CD 1
Oh! What a circus (from musical "Evita")04:12
On this night of a thousand stars (from musical "Evita")
Buenos Aires (from musical "Evita")
Another suitcase in another hall (from musical "Evita")
Goodnight and thank you (from musical "Evita")
I'd be surprisingly good for you (from musical "Evita")
A new Argentina (from musical "Evita")
Don't cry for me Argentina (from musical "Evita")
High, flying adored (from musical "Evita")
Rainbow high (from musical "Evita")
And the money kept rolling in (and out) (from musical "Evita")
Waltz for Eva & Ché (from musical "Evita")
You must love me (from musical "Evita")
Lament (from musical "Evita")
CD 2
Overture / Prologue (from musical "Mamma mia")
Honey honey (from musical "Mamma mia")
Money money money (from musical "Mamma mia")
Thank you for the music (from musical "Mamma mia")
Mamma mia (from musical "Mamma mia")
Chiquitita (from musical "Mamma mia")
Dancing queen (from musical "Mamma mia")
Lay all your love on me (from musical "Mamma mia!")
Super trooper (from musical "Mamma mia")
Gimme gimme gimme (from musical "Mamma mia")
Name of the game (from musical "Mamma mia")
Voulez vous (from musical "Mamma mia")
Entre'acte (from musical "Mamma mia")
Under attack (from musical "Mamma mia")
One of us (from musical "Mamma mia")
S. O. S. (from musical "Mamma mia")
Does your mother know (from musical "Mamma mia")
Knowing me, knowing you
Our last Summer (from musical "Mamma mia")
Slipping through my fingers (from musical "Mamma mia")
The winner takes it all (from musical "Mamma mia")
Take a chance on me (from musical "Mamma mia")
I do I do I do I do I do (from musical "Mamma mia")
Eagle (from musical "Mamma mia")
CD 3
Beauty school dropout (from musical "Grease")
Born to hand jive (from musical "Grease")
Grease (from musical "Grease")
Greased lightning (from musical "Grease")
Hopelessly devoted to you (from musical "Grease")
Hound dog (from musical "Grease")
Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee (from musical "Grease")
Sandy (from musical "Grease")
Summer nights (from musical "Grease")
There are worse things I could do (from musical "Grease")
We go together (from musical "Grease")
You're the one that I want (from musical "Grease")
Grease megamix (from musical "Grease")

CD 4
Prologue (from musical "The beauty and the beast")
Belle (from musical "The beauty and the beast")
Belle (Reprise) (from musical "The beauty and the beast")
Gaston (from musical "The beauty and the beast")
Gaston (Reprise) (from musical "The beauty and the beast")
Be our guest (from musical "The beauty and the beast")
Something there (from musical "The beauty and the beast")
Mob song (from musical "The beauty and the beast")
Beauty and the beast (from musical "The beauty and the beast")
To the fair (from musical "The beauty and the beast")
West wing (from musical "The beauty and the beast")
Beast lets belle go (from musical "The beauty and the beast")
Battle on the tower (from musical "The beauty and the beast")
Transformation (from musical "The beauty and the beast")
Beauty and the beast (Duet) (from musical "The beauty and the beast")
CD 5
Every story is a love story (from musical "Aida")
Fortune favors the brave (from musical "Aida")
The past is another land (from musical "Aida")
Another pyramid (from musical "Aida")
How I know you (from musical "Aida")
My strongest suit (from musical "Aida")
Enchantment passing trough (from musical "Aida")
Dance of the robe (from musical "Aida")
Not me (from musical "Aida")
Elaborate lives (from musical "Aida")
The Gods love Nubia (from musical "Aida")
A step too far (from musical "Aida")
Easy as life (from musical "Aida")
Like father, like son (from musical "Aida")
Radames' letter (from musical "Aida")
Written in the stars (from musical "Aida")
I know the truth (from musical "Aida")
CD 6
(I've had) The time of my life (from musical "Dirty Dancing")
Be my baby (from musical "Dirty Dancing")
She's like the wind (from musical "Dirty Dancing")
Hungry eyes (from musical "Dirty Dancing")
Stay (from musical "Dirty Dancing")
Do you love me (from musical "Dirty Dancing")
You don't own me (from musical "Dirty Dancing")
Wipe out (from musical "Dirty Dancing")
Love is strange (from musical "Dirty Dancing")
Some kind of wonderful (from musical "Dirty Dancing")
Will you love me tomorrow (from musical "Dirty Dancing")
Big girls don't cry (from musical "Dirty Dancing")
Hey baby (from musical "Dirty Dancing")
Johnny's mambo (from musical "Dirty Dancing")
CD 7
Staying alive (from musical "Saturday night fever")
How deep is your love (from musical "Saturday night fever")
Night fever (from musical "Saturday night fever")
More than a woman (from musical "Saturday night fever")
If I can't have you (from musical "Saturday night fever")
A fifth of Beethoven (from musical "Saturday night fever")
More than a woman (from musical "Saturday night fever")
Manhattan Skyline (from musical "Saturday night fever")
Calypso breakdown (from musical "Saturday night fever")
Night on disco mountain (from musical "Saturday night fever")
Open sesame (from musical "Saturday night fever")
Jive talkin' (from musical "Saturday night fever")
You should be dancing (from musical "Saturday night fever")
Boogie shoes (from musical "Saturday night fever")
Salsation (from musical "Saturday night fever")
K - Jee (from musical "Saturday night fever")
Disco Inferno (from musical "Saturday night fever")

CD 8
Circle of life (from musical "The lion king")
Grasslands chant (from musical "The lion king")
The morning report (from musical "The lion king")
The lioness hunt (from musical "The lion king")
I just can't wait to be king (from musical "The lion king")
Chow dow (from musical "The lion king")
They live in you (from musical "The lion king")
Be prepared (from musical "The lion king")
he stampede (from musical "The lion king")
Rafiki Morns (from musical "The lion king")
Hakuna Matata (from musical "The lion king")
One by one (from musical "The lion king")
The madness of King Scar (from musical "The lion king")
Shadowland (from musical "The lion king")
The lion sleeps tonight (from musical "The lion king")
Endless night (from musical "The lion king")
Can you feel the love tonight (from musical "The lion king")
He lives in you (Reprise) (from musical "The lion king")
Simba confronts Scar (from musical "The lion king")
King of pride rock / Circle of life (Reprise) (from musical "The lion king")
CD 9
Hooray hooray (from musical "Daddy cool")
Mary's Boy Child (Oh My Lord) (from musical "Daddy cool")
Girl you know it's true (from musical "Daddy cool")
Sweet dreams (from musical "Daddy cool")
Brown girl in the ring (from musical "Daddy cool")
Sunny (from musical "Daddy cool")
Baby do you wanna bump (from musical "Daddy cool")
Daddy cool (from musical "Daddy cool")
One way ticket (from musical "Daddy cool")
Rasputin (from musical "Daddy cool")
I'm gonna miss you (from musical "Daddy cool")
Painter man (from musical "Daddy cool")
When I die (from musical "Daddy cool")
Gotta go home (from musical "Daddy cool")
Be my lover (from musical "Daddy cool")
Rivers of Babylon (from musical "Daddy cool")

CD 10
Innuendo (from musical "We will rock you")
Radio ga ga (from musical "We will rock you")
I want to break free (from musical "We will rock you")
Somebody to love (from musical "We will rock you")
Killer queen (from musical "We will rock you")
Under pressure (from musical "We will rock you")
It's a kind of magic (from musical "We will rock you")
I want it all (from musical "We will rock you")
One vision (from musical "We will rock you")
Who wants to live forever (from musical "We will rock you")
Flash (from musical "We will rock you")
Seven seas of Rhye (from musical "We will rock you")
Don't stop me now (from musical "We will rock you")
Another one bites the dust (from musical "We will rock you")
These are the days of our lives (from musical "We will rock you")
We wil rock you (from musical "We will rock you")
We are the champions (from musical "We will rock you")
Bohemian rhapsody (from musical "We will rock you")

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