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Judy Garland Duets 4 CDs

Judy Garland Duets with  the finest vocalist of her era on four CDs

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  • Format: CD
  • Artist: Fred Astaire,Fanny Brice,Perry Como,Bing Crosby,Deanna Durbin, Judy Garland Robert Goulet,Dick Haymes,Betty Jaynes, Al Jolson,Howard Keel,Gene Kelly,Mary Kent,Peter Lawford,Tony Martin, Johnny Mercer,Mickey Rooney,Frank Sinatra,Sophie Tucker
  • Number of Discs: 4
  • Cat Number: JSP977
  • Barcode: 0788065907723
  • Release Date: August 4th 2017
  • Label: JSP

A consummate singer and actress, Judy Garland was also a fine musician capable of blending her voice with the finest vocalists of her era. Her duets are that perfect dose of "blendship" that makes you respect her immense talents even more. All in new state-of-the-art remastering!
Judy Garland, always celebrated as a singer and actress, has rarely been called a musician. Her instrument, of course, was her voice. Even though she studied piano and attended a dance school in the late 1920s, she learned her art and craft not formally but on the job. Hers was the most powerful voice of the Gumm Sisters and with them she learned melody and harmony, all delivered with a sense of rhythm and timing rare for youngsters. Her signing to M-G-M in 1935 gave her the chance to work with some of the great talents on the studio's roster. Her first mentor at M-G-M was Roger Edens, who took the young Judy under his wing and refined her singing talent. He helped make the strong-voiced Garland more sophisticated - she no longer had to be heard to the vaudeville rafters, but could sing more intimately into the microphone. In short, he tamed that powerful, natural voice. During her time at M-G-M (1935-1950), she worked with some of Hollywood's most distinguished musicians and the same could be said for her stay (1936-1947) at Decca Records. She even married a musician, David Rose, with whom she worked while at Decca. But her musical education evolved most during her years on stage after her departure from M-G-M. These concert years (1950-1969) allowed her to project her voice as she had done in vaudeville, now with the maturity accrued from professional and personal experience. These years brought her into contact with important arrangers and conductors of the calibre of Nelson Riddle, Gordon Jenkins, and Mort Lindsey. They taught her that her voice needed to blend with the orchestra, like an instrument in a concerto: a soloist among musicians.
One aspect of her musical education that is rarely discussed is her frequent duetting with some of the greatest artists of her era. Often she sang melody, but more frequently she deferred to her opposite and sang harmony. The art of duet is in fact the art of three if one includes the orchestra. Like two dancers gliding over a waltz, Garland developed the uncanny ability to be one of two on these duets - that is becoming a part of the whole. This marriage of voices - 'a perfect blendship,' as Cole Porter wrote in his lyric to Friendship - was like two instruments in dialogue with each other with orchestral accompaniment. All is in the balance and elegance of the mix.
On these duets, Garland displays balance and elegance, and often great humour. To many couplings she lends a warmth and playfulness that goes beyond the longing heard on many of her solo sides. Her subdued power reflects a humility not previously heard. She is a 'non-star' when in duet, giving these sides a beguiling charm.
The jovial interaction between her and her singing partners makes listeners more sensitive to the musical exchange between singers. We can smile as we listen to these incredible duets, knowing that only a warm and giving soul could have produced such heartfelt camaraderie and joy.


Disc 1
1. Opera vs. Jazz w. Deanna Durbin
2. Everybody Sing w. Sophie Tucker
3. Why? Because! w. Fanny Brice
4. If I Only Had A Brain w. Ray Bolger
5. We're Off To See The Wizard w. Ray Bolger
6. Hayride w. Ray Bolger
7. Opera vs. Jazz w. Betty Jaynes
8. Opera vs. Jazz w. Betty Jaynes
9. Good Morning w. Mickey Rooney
10. Good Morning w. Mickey Rooney
11. Our Love Affair w. Mickey Rooney
12. Our Love Affair w. Mickey Rooney
13. Do The La Conga w. Mickey Rooney
14. How About You? w. Mickey Rooney
15. How About You? w. Mickey Rooney
16. Hoe Down w. Mickey Rooney
17. God's Country w. Mickey Rooney
18. Could You Use Me? w. Mickey Rooney
19. Could You Use Me? w. Mickey Rooney
20. I Wish I Were In Love Again w. Mickey Rooney
21. Friendship w. Johnny Mercer
22. Don't Get Around Much Anymore w. Johnny Mercer
23. I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City Blues) w. Johnny Mercer
24. Takin A Chance On Love w. Johnny Mercer
Disc 2
1. It's A Great Day For The Irish w. Doug McPhail
2. We Must Have Music w. Tony Martin
3. Laugh? I Thought I'd Split My Side w. Charles Winninger
4. Ballin The Jack w. Gene Kelly
5. For Me And My Gal w. Gene Kelly
6. For Me And My Gal w. Gene Kelly
7. For Me And My Gal w. Gene Kelly
8. When You Wore A Tulip (And I Wore A Big Red Rose) w. Gene Kelly
9. All Through the Day w. Gene Kelly
10. Be A Clown w. Gene Kelly
11. (Howdy Neighbor) Happy Harvest w. Gene Kelly
12. All For You w. Gene Kelly
13. You Wonderful You w. Gene Kelly
14. Where Do We Go from Here? w. The King s Men
15. Bidin My Time w. The King's Men
16. Play That Barbershop Chord w. The King's Men
17. Every Little Movement Has A Meaning Of Its Own w. Mary Kent
18. There'll Always Be An England w. John Charles Thomas
19. People Will Say We're In Love w. Bing Crosby
20. People Will Say We're In Love w. Bing Crosby
21. You Tell Me Your Dream (And I'll Tell You Mine) w. Bing Crosby
22. Something To Remember You By w. Bing Crosby
23. The Way You Look Tonight w. Bing Crosby
24. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane/De Camptown Races /Beyond The Blue Horizon /The Music Stopped/My Old Kentucky Home/Alabamy Bound/Goodnight Wherever You Are w. Bing Crosby
25. You've Got Me Where You Want Me w. Bing Crosby
26. Mine w. Bing Crosby
27. Connecticut
28. Yah-Ta-Ta Yah-Ta-Ta (Talk Talk Talk) w. Bing Crosby
Disc 3
1. Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie w. Bing Crosby
2. Connecticut w. Bing Crosby
3. For Me and My Gal w. Bing Crosby
4. Who? w. Bing Crosby
5. Embraceable You w. Bing Crosby
6. Confess w. Bing Crosby
7. Ma He's Makin Eyes At Me w. Bing Crosby
8. Maybe It's Because (I Love You Too Much) w. Bing Crosby
9. Sam's Song (The Happy Tune) w. Bing Crosby
10. Tzena Tzena Tzena w. Bing Crosby
11. Boise Idaho w. Bing Crosby
12. These Lush Moments w. Bing Crosby
13. Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer w. Bing Crosby
14. Just The Way You Are w. Bing Crosby
15. Hello Ma Baby/In My Merry Oldsmobile/Walkin My Baby Back Home/In My Merry Oldsmobile w. Bing Crosby
16. Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon w. Bing Crosby
17. You're Just In Love w. Bing Crosby
18. How Could You Believe Me (When I Said I Loved You When You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life)? w. Bing Crosby
19. Limehouse Blues w. Bing Crosby
20. April in Paris w. Bing Crosby
21. Isle Of Capri w. Bing Crosby
22. When You Wore A Tulip (And I Wore A Big Red Rose) w. Bing Crosby
23. For Me And My Gal w. Bing Crosby
24. You're Just in Love w. Bing Crosby
25. April In Paris w. Bing Crosby
26. Bidin My Time w. The Leo Diamond Harmonica Quintet
27. Meet Me In St. Louis Louis w. Lucille Bremer
28. Under The Bamboo Tree w. Margaret O Brien
29. You Made Me Love You/I Remember You/You Were Always Chasing Rainbows/Over The Rainbow/I Get A Kick Out Of You/I Want A Girl (Just Like The Girl That Sued My Poor Old Dad)/I Ain't Got Nobody/It s A Great Day For The Irish/A Word From Autolite w. Dick Haymes
30. The Day After Forever w. Dick Haymes
31. Aren't You Kind Of Glad We Did? w. Dick Haymes
32. For You For Me For Evermore w. Dick Haymes
Disc 4
1. Embraceable You w. Frank Sinatra
2. Embraceable You w. Frank Sinatra
3. Gotta Be This Or That w. Frank Sinatra
4. My Romance w. Frank Sinatra
5. My Intuition w. John Hodiak
6. In The Valley (Where The Evening Sun Goes Down) w. Kay Thompson
7. I'm Gonna Go For You w. Bob Hope
8. On The Atchison Topeka And The Santa Fe w. The Merry Macs
9. If I Had You w. The Merry Macs
10. A Couple of Swells w. Fred Astaire
11. I Love A Piano/Snooky Ookums/When The Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves For Alabam w. Fred Astaire
12. Easter Parade w. Fred Astaire
13. It Only Happens When I Dance With You w. Fred Astaire
14. Snooky Ookums w. Fred Astaire
15. Easter Parade w. Fred Astaire
16. A Fella With An Umbrella w. Peter Lawford
17. Easter Parade w. Perry Como
18. Pretty Baby w. Al Jolson
19. They Say It's Wonderful w. Howard Keel
20. Anything You Can Do w. Howard Keel
21. You're Just In Love w. Vic Damone
22. Alexander's Ragtime Band w. The Rhythmaires
23. You Belong To Me w. The Rhythmaires
24. Mewsette Finale w. Robert Goulet
25. One More Lamb w. Murray Scheck's Children s Chorus

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