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Tales of Tinseltown Concept Original Studio Cast CD

Concept album with all star cast recording.

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  • Format: CD
  • Artist: Christina Bianco,Klea Blackhurst,Nate Chandler,Jake Epstein,Alison Fraser,Harriet Harris,Richard Kind,Tony Yazbeck
  • Composer: Paul Katz
  • Lyricist: Michael Colby
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Year of Recording: 2016
  • Cat Number: CDJAY 1442
  • Barcode: 605288144424
  • Label: Jay Records

'"It's Singin' in the Rain meets Hollywood Babylon." On a farm in Walnut Iowa, the abused but ambitious Ellie Ash aspires to screen immortality. Elmo Green, a scenarist from NYC, bicycles by. He's immediately smitten by Ellie, who jumps on his bike—Hollywood bound. Soon they work with characters reminiscent of Ethel Merman (brassy Bertha Powell), Gene Kelly (fleet Danny Burke), Mario Lanza (lumpy Tony Toscanni), Erich Von Stroheim (producer/director Norman G. Neinstein), & Joan Crawford (vamp Lulu Beauveen). Soon, Ellie triumphs at N.G.N. Productions—the "Girl of a Thousand Sounds"—till columnist Adele DeRale exposes unseemly events. Separately, Ellie & Elmo climb up to the Hollywoodland Sign,to possibly jump, then make an unexpected decision.


  1. VERTURE Orchestra
  2. THE PUBLIC WANTS TO KNOW Harriet Harris, with Christina Bianco, Nat Chandler, Klea Blackhurst, Jake Epstein, Alison Fraser, Richard Kind, Tony Yazbeck
  3. I BELONG IN HOLLYWOOD Christina Bianco, Richard Kind, Tony Yazbeck, Nat Chandler
  4. LET'S GO / NEED SOMEONE 1 Jake Epstein, Christina Bianco
  5. N.G.N. PRODUCTIONS Ensemble with Harriet Harris
  6. LULU BEAUVEEN Richard Kind, Alison Fraser, Harriet Harris, & Ensemble
  7. MUSICAL MELANGE Alison Fraser, Jake Epstein, Christina Bianco, Richard Kind, & Ensemble
  8. ADELE'S SCOOP Harriet Harris
  9. SOMEONE TO LOVE ME Nat Chandler with Alison Fraser & Richard Kind
  10. INTRODUCING BERTHA Harriet Harris
  11. I CAN SING Klea Blackhurst
  12. PRESENTING DANNY Harriet Harris
  13. ALL OVER THE PLACE Tony Yazbeck with Christina Bianco & Ensemble
  14. ALL I DREAMED Christina Bianco
  15. ALL OVER THE PLACE (REPRISE)/ NEED SOMEONE 2 Tony Yazbeck with Christina Bianco
  16. BOY YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL / NEED SOMEONE 3 Nat Chandler, Christina Bianco, Richard Kind
  17. JUNGLE FEVER Alison Fraser, Tony Yazbeck, with Christina Bianco, Nat Chandler, Klea Blackhurst, Richard Kind, & Ensemble
  18. LULU'S RETORT / NEED SOMEONE 4 Alison Fraser, Christina Bianco, Richard Kind
  19. SO THIS IS THE MOVIES Jake Epstein
  20. ADEL-E-GRAM #1 Harriet Harris
  21. SOUNDS IN THE NIGHT Christina Bianco
  22. ADEL-E-GRAM #2 Harriet Harris
  23. KEEP IN STEP (AEROPLANE NUMBER) Christina Bianco, Alison Fraser, Tony Yazbeck, Klea Blackhurst, & Ensemble
  24. ADEL-E-GRAM #3 Harriet Harris
  25. HUNCHY Nat Chandler, Christina Bianco
  26. IT'S MINE Christina Bianco, with Harriet Harris, Alison Fraser, Klea Blackhurst, Nat Chandler, Tony Yazbeck, & Ensemble
  27. TELL ME PLEASE Harriet Harris, Klea Blackhurst, Richard Kind, Aliison Fraser, Tony Yazbeck, Nat Chandler, & Ensemble
  28. BORN TO BE BAD Christina Bianco
  29. SORORITY SISTER SEGUE Harriet Harris
  30. GOT TO BE GOOD Alison Fraser with Nat Chandler, Tony Yazbeck, Klea Blackhurst, & Ensemble
  31. NIGHTMARE Richard Kind, Christina Bianco, Alison Fraser, Jake Epstein, Ensemble
  32. MY BEST FALSE FACE Harriet Harris
  33. I'LL STAND BY YOU Jake Epstein
  34. VISIT TO HOLLYWOOD HOSPITAL Christina Bianca, Klea Blackhurst, Jake Epstein, Tony Yazbeck
  35. FOR MY CAREER Klea Blackhurst, Tony Yazbeck, Nat Chandler, Richard Kind, Christina Bianco, Jake Epstein, Harriet Harris
  36. ALL I DREAMED (reprise) Jake Epstein, Christina Bianco
  37. STARS IN MY EYES Christine Bianco & Ensemble
  38. JUNGLE FEVER (Reprise) Alison Fraser
  39. LET'S GO (Reprise) / FINALE

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