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Guido The Gunpowder Plot

There's a price to pay for faith and love

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  • Format: CD
  • Composer: Ben Durkin
  • Lyricist: David T Rolleston
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Cat Number: beemd001
  • Barcode: 0797776107605
  • Release Date: 7 January 2016

1604. Guy ‘Guido’ Fawkes is in the Low Countries (Now Belgium) fighting for the Spanish. An old school
friend Thomas Wintour travels from England to find him and bring news of a ‘dark decree’ that has just been
made in England, against Catholics by the new Protestant King James I. Alarmed by the news Fawkes agrees to
travel back immediately with Wintour and offer his assistance - IN OUR HANDS.

12 Months later the story moves to Manchester. A group of soldiers led by The Pursuivant execute two Catholic
priests in the street for practicing the forbidden religion. An apparent mad woman Elizabeth Orton raves that
vengeance is at hand for these crimes and that 13 men are plotting in secrecy to bring about the downfall of the
King. A wealthy merchant Humphrey Chetham tries to quiet her to prevent her being arrested - THE PROPHESY.
During the commotion the Pursuivant tries to arrest her but she flees by jumping into the river. Although badly
injured she is rescued by Fawkes who has been watching from the banks, and she is carried to safety as the
Pursuivant and his men pursue.

During the journey she begs him to let her have one last look at Hulme Hall where she grew up. Fawkes carries
her to the cave where she has been living, and with her dying breath she tells him of visions she has been having
of the 13 plotters. In her final vision she sees a man being tortured on the rack, but his face is obscured. Her
last words are that "Guy Fawkes" was the name she heard - he is the man being tortured. She dies in his hands
leaving him in deep reflection - ORDSALL CAVE.

In the morning Fawkes travels to Ordsall Hall to meet Catesby. He encounters Viviana Radcliffe who lives
at the hall with her father Sir William Radcliffe. During the night the hall is raided by the Pursuivant and a
garrison of men in search of a Catholic priest who is currently in hiding there. As they are discovered and
captured Chetham and Fawkes leap through a false panel in the wall and challenge The Pursuivant, much
to his indignation - WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THIS?

The party make their escape and join a pilgrimage to St Winifred’s Well in Holywell, joined on the way by several
others including Viviana’s father. While sleeping next to the well Fawkes is visited in the night by the spirit of
St Winifred. Echoing the sentiments of Beth she warns him that the plot is not approved by heaven and if he
follows through with it the conclusion will be his death - THE VISION.

On the way back to Ordsall Hall they are attacked. William Radcliffe is killed, and Fawkes is seriously wounded,
barely making it back to Ordsall Hall Catesby tells Viviana the news. Viviana mourns the loss of her father and
wonders if Guy Fawkes could be like a father to her - AS THE KNIGHT FALLS.

Staying the night at a mansion near Chester, Catesby delivers a rousing speech to the conspirators, setting out in
detail his plot for the destruction of Parliament House with 36 barrels of gunpowder, before asking if everyone is
with him. The 13 conspirators swear a binding oath to follow through with the plot - THE OATH.

Fawkes and Viviana are forced to admit their feelings for each other and are married by the priest. She begs him
to abandon the plot and choose a life with her instead. He tells her that nothing, not even his love for her can
dissuade him from following through with his oath - A FAITH OF MY OWN.

The conspirators travel back to London, accompanied by Viviana. In the vault adjacent to Parliament House a
hymn is sung before they attempt to tunnel into the cellar - LORD OF THE BRAVE. While the conspirators work on the
vault, Viviana is captured and taken to the Tower of London.

One of the conspirators Francis Tresham decides the plot is too risky and he no longer wants to be a part of it.
He betrays the conspirators by writing a letter to his brother in law Lord Monteagle warning him to stay away
from Parliament House - THE PATH TO PERDITION.

Treshams’ letter finally makes its way to King James, he orders his men to search the vaults under Parliament
House and arrest anyone there. - IN OUR HANDS (REPRISE), meanwhile Fawkes visits the cellar and makes the final
preparations, including setting the fuse. King James and Viviana both pray for a different outcome - VINDICTA.

Fawkes is captured while attempting to light the fuse - 'NEATH PARLIAMENT HOUSE/CAPTURE. He is dragged before the
King but admits nothing, giving his name as “John Johnson”. The King authorises him to be tortured to reveal
what he knows.

Imprisoned in the Tower, Viviana meets a young friend Ruth who is the daughter of the head jailer. They form a
friendship and Ruth is able to free Viviana - THE JAILERS DAUGHTERS.

Fawkes is tortured. He finally breaks and reveals his name and the names of the other conspirators - THE TORTURE
CHAMBER. Orders are issued to round them up and kill or capture them.

Hearing news of Fawkes’ capture Catesby and the remaining conspirators flee London gathering fresh recruits
along the way. A handful of men make it to a mansion at Holbeche and decide to make a last stand there. As
night falls Catesby realises the end is near. Expecting nothing but death he finally feels remorse for his actions
and the fact that those who have followed him will surely die - REFLECTIONS.

The captured conspirators are tried in the presence of the King in the Star Chamber. Fawkes refuses to repent,
announcing the only thing he is sorry about is the fact the project failed - THE TRIAL.

As morning arrives at Holbeche the mansion is raided by 200 of the King's men. The remaining rebellion is
crushed and all the conspirators are slain or captured. Catesby fights to the death and is shot - THE FINAL BATTLE.

Fawkes is permitted to visit Viviana before his execution. In their last moments together his repents, hopeful that
the repentance although belated will mean he can join Viviana in heaven - A FAITH OF MY OWN (REPRISE). Viviana dies
in his arms moments before he is dragged away to face execution.

Fawkes is executed in Old Palace Yard in front of a braying mob. Just before he is hung he sees Viviana, Beth and
St Winifred calling him to heaven, and at that moment he jumps off the scaffold instantly breaking his neck and
saving himself from the pain of being hung, drawn and quartered - OLD PALACE YARD.


1. Overture
2. In Our Hands
3. The Prophesy
4. Ordsall Cave
5. What's the Meaning of This?
6. The Vision
7. As the Knight Falls
8. The Oath
9. A Faith of My Own
10. Lord of the Brave
11. The Path to Perdition
12. In Our Hands (Reprise)
13. Vindicta
14. 'neath Parliament House / The Capture
15. The Jailers Daughter
16. The Torture Chamber
17. Reflections
18. The Trial
19. The Final Battle
20. A Faith of My Own (Reprise)
21. Old Palace Yard

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